I wanted to provide a short update. It's been 4 years since I was so sick with Gastritis. I've had a couple flare ups since then, but none lasting longer than 4-6 weeks and not as severe. The past 3 months, I've returned to drinking coffee daily and eating Cholula hot sauce. I never thought this would be possible, as any time I tried these things, I'd have another flare up. But I happened to have made changes in my diet that make me suspect I know what's responsible for my stomach's health and ability to deal with these triggers.


Photo courtesy of Marco Verch, Creative Commons Maybe 6 months ago, I started eating plain yogurt, sometimes with a little honey, every night about an hour or two before bed. I began with just cows milk yogurt and then started goats milk yogurt. I also take some acidophilus right before bed. Long story short, I attribute my recovery into enjoying foods I thought I'd go the rest of my life without-- all to yogurt. I tend to believe that the goats milk yogurt is more effective than cow's milk. This is purely anecdotal and based on my own experiences. Oh, I'm also drinking beer again! That's a little rougher-- and I'm keeping it to one beer every other day if I have it at all.


I've also continued with my meditations, yoga, and walking. I can't stress enough how much these benefit general health and gut health, especially for people who wear their stress in their stomach like I do.


I've also discovered that marshmallow root is effective to take before or after I eat something that might be a trigger. It seems to coat my gut lining and provide some soothing. This is helpful to take with to restaurants sometimes. I keep one of these and a fennel pill in my breast pocket when I go out. They've replaced antacid for me.


Just wanted to provide this update for you all--- that although I've had a couple set backs, I've never been healthier-- and I've managed to return to some of my favorite gastritis trigger foods! So, there's hope for the future! I remember not having any hope--- it's wonderful to be in the place I'm at with my health currently. All those triggers in moderation, though--- and being cautious to give my body a day or two of rest between the hot sauce! If you're in the heart of your gastritis illness, I recommend you not try any triggers at all. It's been many years of healing before I've had the guts, no pun intended, to try my triggers. And if you want to try the yogurt, I suggest you try eating yogurt before bed every night for at least an entire month before you begin being more risky with food choices. Gotta let that bacteria colony flourish first! Let me know if you try the yogurt diet and have any success with it? Just based on my anecdotal experiences, I think we might be on to something.... That's all, my friends! I wish you well-- and I'll continue to update. Please remember, I'm not a doctor or have any medical training. This site's suggestions are all based on my own anecdotal experiences. You try reintroducing foods at your own risk-- please be safe, cautious, and moderate.


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